Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

Most people when think about holiday they often opt for Europe to experience chilly winters and go skiing in the Swiss Alps, or if they get tired of winter they visit tropical places like Hawaii Islands and The Caribbean. But people completely ignore the middle east in favor of Europe, East  Asia, The United States Of America because middle has been portrayed as a troubled and dangerous places to visit however it has number of best warm places to visit in December.  The  Middle East is generally hot and humid but the climate is distributed in many various other climatic conditions like warm desert climate, Warm Mediterranean Climate etc. Due to such distribution in climate it makes favorable for tourists to visit in the place.

Top Best Warm Places To Visit In December

  • Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the winter capital of the world. Celebrities, Actors, Athletes visit the country to experience it’s hot and tropical climate. The city is well known for its tall skyscrapers, parks, shopping malls, beaches etc. The tallest tower known as ‘Burj Khalifa ‘ is situated in the city. If you want to enjoy the warmer, Dubai is a must place to visit.

  • Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah or RAK is another city of United Arab Emirates, famous for its beaches and resorts. The city is only fertile land in the whole UAE, hence it’s much different than the rest of UAE. Agriculture Fishing and Industries are the three main source of income in this region.  There are various historical monuments and architecture buildings from the 20th century. The region has quickly developed to be one of the most important place in the middle east apart from Dubai.

  • Kuwait City

Kuwait City has become to be another rising city of the Middle East. It is famous for its tall sky scrapers, wide roads, shopping malls etc. It is also famous for retaining its tradition of theaters and soap operas. If you are fond of dramas and theater you can visit the city.

  • Jordan

Jordan is a land locked country in the Middle East and is famous for its prehistoric sights. There several sites present till date that was mentioned in the Bible like the Jordan River, Petra and other famous sightings like Al-Khazneh, Amman Citadel etc. The country has is bordered by 16 miles of costal line of Dead Sea hence it is one of the  best warm places to visit in December. The weather is typically Mediterranean and humid so it is desirable.